extra credits (5)

21. Your boss is slowly beginning to exhibits symptoms of being a Disney villain.

22. Authors can now be sued by their own characters for things that happened to them in their stories. According to you, what character would sue? Why?

23. You are flipping through the channels on TV one Saturday, waiting for your pizza to be delivered. On the coffee table sits an open can of soda. You don’t remember getting the soda, but you live alone and haven’t had anyone over recently, so it must be yours. You take a sip as the doorbell rings. You open the door and as instead of saying “Hello,” a croak come out of your mouth instead. Finish the scene.

24. One day as you were cleaning you noticed air being sucked towards the base of wall near the cupboard. Perplexed you went closer to investigate. The air was going in, slightly yet in. You hold your breath and gingerly peel away at the wallpaper until a huge wrought iron door stands before you. Where does it lead? Did you imagine this? What happens next?

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