Haikus (L2 students)

Frodo the Falcon

Sees a ring in the river,

Gives it to Tyrion.

(Amandine Senser)


Paul the Ponny smiled

as crazy as he survived

loosing his own mind

(Monika Koprivova)

Cathy the cat sleeps

as much as th eold fat sheep

escaping reality

(Sarah Khemissi)


Merry the mermaid sings

And swims as a wonderful fish

To seduce British

(Lisa Benyettou)


Cad the cat yawned

and fell asleep for a while

lost in wonderlands


Cathy the cat smells

a fish tasty as could be

the fish ate Cathy



Isabel the shell sleeps

as fast as Gonzales trips

because of her bips.

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