Metal Gear: Two students of Master Interview Stefanie Joosten

Stefanie Joosten

Metal Gear is a series of video games developed and published by Konami under the direction of creator Hideo Kojima, appeared in 1987 with Metal Gear. The series, which launched the genre infiltration, is recognized internationally by critics and players community and has more than 33 million games sold.

This is an alternate history series in the genre techno-thriller. The plot revolves around a weapon of mass destruction, the Metal Gear. The games usually follow the operations of an elite soldier (Solid Snake, Raiden or Naked Snake), to infiltrate enemy territory to counter a terrorist threat in the exercise of its discretion and his reflexes and whose purpose is to destroy Metal Gear, a bipedal tank with a nuclear strike capability. The series is considered one of the most mature of which is by the subjects it addresses, and displays an openly pacifist message anti-militarist and anti-nuclear.

The universe of the series oscillates between realism and science fiction and also includes more whimsical and humorous elements. The characters are generally unusual individuals who live only for war and with extraordinary physical constitution. Several themes are addressed by the games: conspiracy theory, manipulation, war, violence, rebellion, freedom of thought, censorship, nuclear, genetics, memetic, freedom, real and false pretenses, power, politics, social relations, friendship, love, trust, betrayal, loyalty, science, culture, ecology, robotics technology of mankind, race and of religion. The series is also known for its very strong cinematic dimension. For example, to create its game Hideo Kojima took inspiration from Escape From New York directed by John Carpenter and character played by Kurt Russel.

Founded in 2010, is a news site dedicated to the pop-culture. In September 2015, Thomas O. (the founder of the site) and Julien D. (editor since summer 2015 on the site) – both students of Master 2 Création de Projets Numériques in Metz – interviewed Stefanie Joosten, her first interview given to a French site. Dutch model and actress Stefanie resides in Japan for four years. Recently we had the pleasure of discovering her in Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain, the last game of Hideo Kojima in which she played Quiet, one buddy game of the Big Boss. thank Mrs HANSER Gaïane who participated to the success of the interview. To read the interview in English, click here. In the interview translated into French, it’s here.

See also the interview with Donna Burke, the voice of the iDroid and singer of « Sins of the Father » for Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain.

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